What are Zeppoles?


Individually it is called Zeppola. When you serve assorted pieces of Zeppola its called Zeppoles.


Zeppoles are also called as fritelle, a light, airy and puffy version of Italian fritters made of sweet dough, leavened by baking powder and yeast, deep fried and finally coated with powdered sugar, and filled with variety of ingredients such as ricotta cheese mixed with small bits of chocolates, candied fruits and honey or with custard, jelly, pastry cream, butter or with honey mixture alone and traditionally eaten during the Festa di San Gjusepo (Saint Joseph’s Day) celebrated every 19th day of March, when zeppoles are sold on many streets and sometimes presented as souvenir.


Othernames for Zeppoles
Called as St. Joseph’s Day cake in Rome,
Crispelle in USA
Blenzi in Croatia
and spfinge which is a savory version of Zeppola consisting of fried bread dough filled with anchovy and traditionally devoured during the Lent fasting periods.

The terms zeppole and sfinge are also used to refer to baked cream puffs made from choux pastry