Types Of Derivative Sauces

types of derivative sauces

In simple terms derivative sauces are sauces derived from mother sauces.

As I have already explained about derivation sauce and how it is derived. Now it’s time to know about different types of derivative sauces which are derived from mother sauce. All of them are very important to know.

1. Béchamel sauce:-
a. Mornary sauce: yolk, cheese, cream added to béchamel sauce forms Mornary sauce.
b. Cream sauce: fresh cream, butter
c. Parsley sauce: fresh cream, butter, chop parsley
d. Mustard sauce: cream, butter, mustard
e. Onion sauce: minced onion, nutmeg
f. Anchovy sauce: cream, anchovy paste, lemon juice
g. Egg sauce: dice boiled egg
h. Homard sauce: cream or milk and butter

2. Veloute sauce:-
a. Caper sauce: sauce. mutton stock, capers are added
b. Supreme sauce: chicken stock, mushroom, cream, yolk
c. Mushroom sauce: same as supreme + sliced mushroom
d. Aurore sauce: same as supreme +tomato puree

3. Tomato sauce:
a. Bretonne sauce: salted onion, white wine, butter, chopped parsley
b. Tomated sauce: aspic jelly
c. Portugaise sauce: white wine, tomato concass, garlic
d. Italiene sauce: demi glace, shallot chop, mushroom, hams, herbs
e. Barbecue sauce: tomato ketchup, vinegar, sugar
f. Provencale sauce: mushroom, parsley, garlic, tomato concass, sugar

4. Mayonnaise sauce:
a. Tartar sauce: chop parsley, chop boiled albumen, chop onion, and chop gherkin/caper is added to mayonnaise sauce to make tartar sauce.
b. Tyrolian sauce: tomato puree, chop parsley
c. English sauce: English mustard
d. Remouland sauce: as tartar sauce + gherkin + anchovy+ tarragon
e. Cocktail sauce: tomato ketchup, tobacco sauce, Worcester sauce, lemon juice
f. Chantily sauce: lemon juice, vegetables, whipped cream, vinegar

5. Espagnole sauce:
a. Chasseur sauce: chop shallot, mince mushroom, tomato concass, white wine
b. Robert sauce: butter, onion, vinegar, mustard, sugar, demi glace
c. Charcutiere sauce: as Robert sauce and add julienne of gherkins
d. Reform sauce: vinegar, julienne beetroot, egg, gherkin, mushroom, demi glace
e. Diane sauce: double cream and boiled albumen
f. Madeira sauce: Madeira wine, demi glace, butter
g. Zingara sauce: chopped onion, white wine, paprika, julienne toungue and mushroom
h. Pepper sauce: crushed peppercorn and red wine

6.Hollandaise sauce:
a. Béarnaise sauce: crushed peppercorn, tarragon, vinegar, egg yolk
b. Mouseline sauce: whipped cream and béarnaise
c. Maltaise sauce : orange juice and strips of orange zest

hollandaise sauce
hollandaise sauce

Note: Warm & Cold sauces should not be cooked but hot sauces should be cooked according to the nature of sauce.
Hot Sauce :- Derivation sauce made from hot sauce should be cooked for 5 min. to 30 min. according to the nature of sauce.
Cold & warm Sauce :- Derivation sauce made from cold & warm sauce should be just mixed.