How To Make Authentic Bechamel


This is a recipe of authentic Béchamel Sauce learned from professional chef, while training as demi chef de partie. This is the same recipe used in commercial kitchens in star hotels.

Mis en Place: What all you need to prepare beforehand
Keep sauce pan ready
keep whisk ready
Make a white roux – if you missed our roux article read here what is roux?
Keep the strainer ready
Onion Pique – Onion studded with bay leaf and clove
Keep the milk ready
keep equal quantities of butter and all purpose flour ready
Keep blob of butter ready to pour over hot white sauce after cooking

Method to make white roux

  • Boil the milk with onion pique, and strain
  • Melt butter In a sauce pan
  • Add flour before butter becomes nutty brown
  • mix and let it cook till it loose raw flavor and taste and becomes white paste
    Our white roux is ready

Procedure to make bechamel sauce
Tip: To make bechamel sauce either milk or roux has to be hot


Pour cold roux to the hot milk or vice versa while whisking it vigorously to avoid lumps
When the sauce becomes thick remove the pan from the heat or stove. The sauce thickness must be coating consistency, that means it should coat the back of the spoon.

Now strain the sauce and finish it off with seasonings of salt, pepper and grated nutmeg.  Finally, leave a blob of butter over the hot bechamel sauce. The butter will melt and form a protective layer over the surface of the sauce and protect from foreign particles such as dust from falling and mixing in the sauce.

This is authentic method of preparing bechamel sauce. Butter, flour, and milk are the main ingredients, flavored distinctly with grated nutmeg. In USA nutmeg is used as a spice for pastries. Bu the French use it to fortify everything starchy including custard, potatoes, and egg dishes.

Do not forget onion piqué, Onion studded with cloves that is pricked on bay leaves like  thumb tacks.