Frittata – Italian Version Of Omelet


Frittata is an Italian version of omelet with variation in stuffing and cooking process. Unlike omelet, where egg mixture is beaten and poured on to a hot fry pan, frittata mixture pan is allowed to cook slowly, usually on simmering water bed. The word frittata comes from the word fritto which means “to fry” in Italian language.


How Frittata is Cooked?
Variety of vegetables are placed on pan and egg mixture is poured and may be cooked in layers, and set.


simple things to remember, when you are asked this question in an interview:
Frittata is an Italian word.
Frittata is cooked open. Omelet is usually folded into crescent shape.
Frittata is served cold or at room temperature. Omelet is eaten hot.

It’s irrelevant trying to talk more about this term. Above information is enough. But it’s always fun to explore the origins of food. A passionate food lover/chef always try to perceive as much knowledge as possible regarding food.