Can Celery Be Pizza Topping?

celery pizza

You may want to experiment, but there is a good reason why celery doesn’t go well as pizza topping. Every dish has an authentic recipe form. Cooking food is an art, that is why you must know what you want to cook?. For basic things to learn, a budding chef or food lover must keep in mind to learn every dish in its authentic recipe form. People today are using internet for every information including recipes. By cooking variations, cooking dish has lost its authenticity. Fusion cooking has ruined the actual flavors of the food.

arugula pizza
arugula pizza

Chefs are culinary science experts and do lot of research for ideal food accompaniments and garnishes. They found recommended sauces for every dish. This is in original form. This applies to pizza toppings as well.

There is a simple reason you would want to know, that celery is not an ideal accompaniment or topping for pizza. as simple as that.