About Us

chefklub.com is for food lovers and hospitality professionals. This library of information is useful for students of hotel management who are new to hospitality industry and its terminology. Also, it’s useful for working professionals to brush up their basics and learn in depth concepts from the library.

We feel there is overflow of gain less information regarding cooking, culinary terms and the style of cooking available in the internet. There is a serious need of a platform giving exact information and style of cooking and operations actually happens on the field of 4 wings of hotel ei., Food & Beverage Production Department (Kitchen), Food & Beverage Service Department (Service After Production), Front Office Department (Rooms Occupancy Team), Housekeeping Department (Hotel Room Cleanliness And All Ancillary Service) and all other departments that helps to run the show.

Working in a hotel industry is a tedious job. Every moment is a big challenge as the industry professionals are expected to deliver high level of performance at any given point of time. But, the work becomes easy if you are strong in your basics in the field of specialization of your work.

Exactly here, we want to play our role. We want hospitality professionals to be strong in their basics and deliver high level of performance. As knowledge is power it is a real friend in rescue as well. This blog comes as handy when you need it most.

You are welcome to brush up your basics, improve your knowledge and strengthen your USP

Above all, you can share all your knowledge, skills and tips with fellow members. That is why we have created a classic yet trendy community for chefs, cooks and food lovers who are all an indispensable part of hotel industry without whom the industry will become fruitless.

To say the least, you need best of the ingredients to dish out that delicious food, we want to be that ingenious ingredient in your impeccable career to dish you out to that super you, that’s all AboutUs